TV Ontario Special on the Sand Pebbles
hosted by Elwy Yost (1989)

SNAM Host Elwy Yost

In 1989 Elwy Yost, the long-time host of TV Ontario's "Saturday Night at the Movies" (SNAM), produced a segment for their first-time airing of the Sand Pebbles. The segment included both new and old interviews with Robert Wise, Jerry Goldsmith, Richard Attenborough, Beulah Quo, Loren Janes and film critic Charles Champlin. Canadian movie fans are indebted to Mr. Yost (and SNAM) for the many rare and priceless interviews (1000+) that were produced during the 25 years he hosted the show. My sincere thanks to Deborah Young-Groves for her invaluable assistance.

Below is a listing of the segments (.mp4 format) and their running times:

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