The Sand Pebbles Movie Posters (Foreign)

The most familiar U.S. version of the Sand Pebbles poster artwork was created by Howard Terpning, a noted illustrator and movie poster artist. To see this full size version and to visit the Howard Terpning Movie Artwork Gallery... click here. However, the very first Sand Pebbles poster was created by Mitchell Hooks, another talented illustrator of the time. His poster version is the artwork now used on the recent Varese Sarabande CD release.

Below are a few examples of foreign Sand Pebbles posters used during the movie's release. From left to right - the Japanese version, the Spanish version, the German version and the Danish version. Most of the international posters feature simple variations of the original artwork...some with intriguing title changes! But a few do offer uniquely different composition and artwork by foreign artists. If you are interested in seeing a larger selection of TSP posters plus an amazing and comprehensive collection of other Steve McQueen (700+ and counting) movie posters...go to the Roger Harris - Steve McQueen Film Poster Site. Click on images for larger version.

Japanese Sand Pebbles poster Spanish Sand Pebbles poster German Sand Pebbles poster Danish Sand Pebbles poster

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