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Jerry Goldsmith's powerful and beautiful score for 'The Sand Pebbles' is often cited as a major contributor to the film's success. The movie soundtrack was first released as an LP album (conducted by Lionel Newman) to coincide with the initial premiere of the film in 1966. An interesting fact is that Goldsmith wrote two versions of the film's Overture. Twentieth Century Fox had decided to promote the pop single "And We Were Lovers" (featured elsewhere on this site) which required Goldsmith to alter the original score to include the Love Theme variation. Fortunately the original Overture which incorporated the 'Chinese Love Theme' was put on the LP album release. In 1997, Jerry Goldsmith re-recorded the Sand Pebbles soundtrack with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra for the Varèse Sarabande label. The reworked arrangements featured on that CD album added yet another version of the Overture...but once again using the Love Theme.

Since it is difficult to obtain some of these earlier versions I have provided audio files so you can make your own listening comparisons. Select the version and your preferred listening format below. A new addition is the Overture version from the Jerry Goldsmith - Live in Japan 2003 concert that took place in Yokohama, Japan on March 13, 2003. The Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra was to be conducted by Goldsmith but because of illness the concert was conducted by Charles Fox.

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The Sand Pebbles Overture (LP album version)
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The Sand Pebbles Overture (1997 version)
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The Sand Pebbles Overture (Jerry Goldsmith - Live in Japan 2003 CD) (.mp3) (.ogg)

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