Love Theme from The Sand Pebbles

Leslie Bricusse added lyrics to Jerry Goldsmith's music to produce a pop single of "And We Were Lovers"
(the Love Theme from The Sand Pebbles). The song quickly become a standard in the 60's and was recorded
by many different artists. To listen to a specific artist in this section just select your preferred music format -
either Windows Media Audio (.wma), Real Media Audio (.rm) or Ogg Vorbis (.ogg). If you experience any
problems playing these audio files, please contact me.

The 1989 Jerry Goldsmith interview can be found here.

Sheet music - version 1 Les Baxter conducting Sheet music - version 2

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Abbreviations: Real Media Audio (.rm) Windows Media Audio (.wma) Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)

Bassey, Shirley - United Artists (.wma) (.ogg)
Baxter, Les - GNP-Crescendo (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Caiola, AL - United Artists (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Cantrell, Lana - Victor (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Charles, Ray (Singers) - ABC (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Englund, Ernie - Monument (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)

Faith, Percy - Columbia (Courtesy of Felix Alfaro)

(.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Feliciano, Jose - RCA Victor (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Feyer, George - Decca (Courtesy of Bill Salmi) (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Goldsmith, Jerry - 20th Century-Fox (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Hirt, Al - Victor (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Jamal, Ahmad - Atlantic (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Jones, Jack - Kapp (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Klemmer, John - Cadet (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Light, Enoch and the Light Brigade - Project 3 (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Lopez, Trini - Reprise (Courtesy of Erik Rupard) (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Mantovani, London      
Markay, Grace - Capitol (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Martin, Freddy - Decca      
Martin, Gail - Reprise (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Martin, Tony - Dunhill (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Monro, Matt - Capitol (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Moods, Mystic - Bainbridge (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Newman, Lionel - 20th Century Fox (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Riddle, Nelson - Liberty (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Shank, Bud - World Pacific (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Smith, Bill - Talmu (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Smith, Kate - RCA Victor (Courtesy of Bill Salmi) (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Walker, Scott - BBC Concert (Courtesy of Jean Kohn) (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Welk, Lawrence - Dot (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Williams, Andy - Columbia (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)
Williams, Roger - Kapp (.rm) (.wma) (.ogg)

Source: The Sand Pebbles Pressbook - 1967

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